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In an age where specialization has become very much a part of customer expectations, real estate too has undergone significant change.The days of the shopfront office aren’t necessarily numbered, but the focus of many businesses has moved on from the traditional focus of simply selling homes to now take in niche markets, such as local and overseas investment.

It was with this direction as a part of the business plan that was founded Jubilee 8 Real Estate as a boutique agency in January 2010.Having extensive experience in dealing with overseas buyers and investors over the years, Jubilee 8 Real Estate is ideally positioned to capitalize on the popularity of Australia as a destination for overseas investment in real estate.

Strong negotiating skills and a wide network of local and overseas investors ensures that the business will grow and thrive within its specialized niche market.

If you’d like to know more about how Jubilee 8 Real Estate can assist you with marketing an individual property or larger project to a local and/or international audience, contact us today.
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